It’s a powerful screen capture and image editing software developed by NGWIN. When you press the keyboard shortcut a small window might appear. If that happens, be sure to select Yes, this is a game option.

  • Therefore, there is an argument that the removal of features such as Live Tiles and the ability to create groups of pinned tiles is a benefit.
  • The mouse or touchpad continues to work without any issues.
  • Sometimes creating a new account may be able to help you solve issues with logging in.
  • I wouldn’t recommend deliberately seeking it out just to take screenshots, but the screenshot functionality is perfectly adequate if you’re already using it.

The point is, there are a lot of good changes in this update, and that’s why we’d generally recommend installing it. Another big reason why upgrading is a good idea is to extend the support period for your PC. Each version of Windows 11 gets two years of support , meaning you get security updates every month.

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Get Started with the Heroku CLI

Each time you reboot to the desktop, see which account you’re logged in to. We’ve seen this work for the majority of people, so don’t discount this step. Running the Startup Repair process is a good way to solve the can’t login to Windows 10 issue.

Microsoft has been patching these rather actively, so chances are you’ll dodge most if not all of them if you’re upgrading late. Depending upon where you source them, you can run into compatibility issues, crashes or programs straight up not launching. Open the Windows settings and select the Bluetooth & devices tab. Please note that this bug appears to affect all apps that use pull-down controls – not just CAD – will need to be patched by Microsoft. We’ve noticed that pull-down menus in CAD appear ghosted or layered in Windows 11. For breaking news and live news updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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Xbox Game Bar

Another method for capturing screenshots is through the Windows Snipping tool. This piece of software allows you to customize how the screen gets captured giving users four options. There is Free-form, Rectangular, Window and Full-screen snip capabilities which should suit everyone’s needs if the other methods aren’t what you are looking for. You can use your favorite editing app to access and save it. Once you open the app, press the key and the key together to paste the screenshot link to download into the program. Greenshot is an awesome new app to take screenshots on Windows 10.

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